Some Achievements

Past and recent projects carried out by the agency

Achievement of the Oyo State Local Government Commission


The achievements recorded by the Commission in the last ten years i.e. 2011 till date can be categorized under the following sub-headings:

Staff Training and Manpower Development

Part of the Commission’s major statutory duties is to organize short term workshops/seminars/courses for officers in the Local Government Service in order to enhance the service delivery capacity and potentials of these officers who cut across various cadres, ranks and posts in the eight (8) major departments in the Service. It is gratifying to report that between 4th  November, 2011 when the then  Board of the Commission was constituted till date, over 12,000  officers spread across all cadres in the service were trained.  This feat is unprecedented in the history of the Commission given the magnitude of the participants and the positive impact of the training on their service delivery capacity.

In addition to this role, the Commission had until lately granted approvals to officers interested in embarking on long term training programmes in various institutions of higher learning in and outside the country in order to improve their knowledge and intellectual capacity for better performance of their official duties in their various cadres.

However, having observed that this privilege had been abused by a significant number of officers in the Service, the Commission promptly adopted a new policy guideline on In-Service Training programmes in the Local Government Service of the State which among other things, specified the right and power of the Commission to identify the training needs of all its staff and approve their release for any training programme.  This is a clear departure from the previous practice whereby officers looked for admission on their own and later applied for sponsorship and release.

In a bid to ensure that members of the Service aspiring to embark on long term training programmes are not unnecessarily delayed and denied of their right to self improvement while in the Local Government Service, the Commission also reduced the waiting period required for qualification for In-Service Training programmes from five (5) years to two (2) years by which time an officer must have been confirmed in a pensionable appointment.

Another tangible achievement of the present Board of the Commission is its ability to secure His Excellency’s approval for the commencement of the construction of the Commission and Pension Board’s new secretarial complex, and unveiling of the complex prototype by the Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde himself, on Friday, 5th June, 2020, signaling a full commencement of work on the site, with the mandate to finish it within 11 months.  Invariably, by the time Governor, Engr. Seyi Makindeadministration will be clocking two years in office, the gigantic multi-million naira project should have been ready for commissioning.

In a like manner, the Commission embarked on the production of a quarterly magazine, which intimates the public of its activities, core mandates, as well as the achievements of the thirty-three Local Governments and 35 Local Council Development Areas in the state.  Besides, the magazine features the state government’s major achievements within the quarter, with various articles bordering on topics that have to do with the progress of the service and development of Oyo State in general.  The maiden edition of the magazine tagged “The Commission OYOLGSCNEWS” was published in October, 2019, while the second edition could not come out until July, 2020, due to circumstances beyond the control ofthe Commission, which is the publisher.  It is expected  that the  third edition of the Commission’s magazine  will be released by early June to commemorate the second anniversary of His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde in office. Copies of the magazine are usually distributed to the Governor’s office, House of Assembly, MDAs, as well as all the 33 LGs and 35 LCDAs across the length and breadth of the state.


Fresh Appointments

In view of the current embargo on employment by the State Government, appointments of officers into the Service are considered on exigencies of duty based on vacancies existing in the relevant cadres which are subject to the approval of the Executive Governor of the State.

Appointment of Heads of Local Government Administration

In line with the Transformation Agenda of the present administration in the State and as part of the efforts by the State Government to reposition the Local Government on the path of efficiency and improved service delivery, the Commission recorded another land-mark achievement through the appointment of some officers on substantive Grade Level 16 as Heads of Local Government Administration, which is GL.17.  The appointment of the officers in August, 2012 was sequel to their success in the qualifying examinations and interviews conducted for them by the Commission.

Furthermore, due to the creation of new Local Council Development Areas from the Existing Local Government Areas, the need arose to appoint 35 Council Managers, later known as acting heads of local government administration (ag. HLGAs), into the Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs), to coordinate the activities of these development areas.  Consequently, other vital appointments were made to fill the vacancies of heads of department in the eight departments which exist at the Local Government level in the State; and other duty posts.

Following the retirement of 24 Heads of Local Government Administration in the Local Government Service, His Excellency recently approved the appointment of 24 officers to fill the vacancies. The newly appointed Heads of Local Government Administration had thus been given their letters of appointment as substantive Heads of Local Government Administration.

Appointment of People Living with Disabilities

It is also on records that 66 people living with disabilities (PWDs) were employed into various cadres in the Local Government Service following the approval of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo State.  The affected officers had since settled down well in their duty stations thus removing the age long tradition of regarding people with disabilities as liabilities to the society.

Appointment of Medical Laboratory Scientists / Technologists

In addition to the above, 63 Medical Laboratory Scientists were recruited into the service to boost the Primary Health Care delivery at the grassroots.  The engaged officers had been posted to the 33 Local Governments on equitable basis.



In an attempt to create a dynamic and service-oriented workforce which can respond to the challenges of the modern day Public Service, the Commission, acting on the directive of the State Government, conducted verification exercise for all categories of officers in the Local Government Service in the year 2012.  The screening exercise culminated in the disengagement of a sizeable number of officers from the Service on various grounds such as stagnation, old age, falsification of records, incompetence etc.

However, based on the magnanimity of the Executive Governor, about 40% of 1,154 officers disengaged from the Service who appealed against the decision of Government and whose appeals were found to be genuine, were reinstated in to the Service thereby lending credence to the position of government that the repositioning of the entire Public Service of the State was not intended to witch-hunt any worker as insinuated in some quarters.

Similarly, due to the magnanimity of the present governor of the state, Engr. SeyiMakinde, some of the workers unjustifiably relieved of their duties by the immediate past administration, were reinstated back into both the State service and the local government. The affected officers have so far been given their letters of reinstatement and have resumed at their duty posts.


As a statutory body which is mindful of its regulatory role in the Local Government Service, the Commission has over the years fought tooth and nail to ensure that sanity prevails in the Service.

It is on record that the Commission has on many occasions wielded its big stick against recalcitrant officers in its employment in order to ensure conformity with the standard norms, practices, rules and regulations governing the official conduct of members of the Service.

It is on records that eight (8) Community Health Officers in the Primary Health Care Department in some Local Governments, one of who had retired from the Local Government Service, were found culpable of certificate forgery, following the Commission’s verification of their certificates (B.Ed Health Education).  The Commission upon the establishment of a case of certificate forgery against the concerned officers took appropriate disciplinary measures against them within the ambit of the Law in order to serve as a deterrent against other officers who may want to indulge themselves in such despicable act in future.

Further to the above steps taken by the Commission, efforts were equally made with the approval of the Executive Governor of the State, to carry out general certificate verification exercise for all officers in the Local Government Service of the State with a view to fishing out those with forged educational certificates for further necessary disciplinary actions.  Eventually, all those found to be in possession of fake certificates were shown the way out of the Local Government Service.

In the same vein, some officers found culpable of diverting Government revenue into personal purse in the Estate Unit, Marriage Registry and Agriculture and Natural Resources departments in some Local Governments were relieved of their duties.  Meanwhile, all the officers who were equally guilty of dereliction of duty were demoted to serve as a deterrent to other officers in the service who might be exhibiting non-chalant attitude to their official duties.


The Commission succeeded in promoting a significant number of eligible officers in various cadres to higher ranks/grade levels after emerging successful in various competitive selection processes conducted from time to time.   The summary of the promotion exercises successfully conducted by the Commission is presented below:

Promotion Year




Administration and General Services



Finance and Supplies



Education and Social Services



Agriculture and Natural Resources



Works, Transport, Housing Lands, and Survey



Primary Health Care



Environmental Health Services



Budget, Planning, Research and Statistics







Administration and General Services


Finance and Supplies



Works, Housing Lands and Survey



Primary Health Care



Environmental Health Services



Agricultural and Natural Resources



Education and Social Services




Budget, Planning Research and Statistics






 In the year 2012, promotion examinations were equally conducted for eligible officers on grade levels 06 to 15 in the Local Government Service of the State. Those who were successful in the conducted examinations were invited for oral interview, and subsequently given their promotion letters.

Furthermore, the last promotion exercise conducted in the state prior to the advent of Governor Seyi Makinde- led administration was in 2018, and this was restricted to those eligible for promotion between 2013 and 2016.

          However, being a very humane and compassionate Governor, His Excellency Engr. Seyi Makinde graciously approved that promotion exercise be conducted for eligible workers and promotion letters released to the successful candidates being owed promotions from 2017 to 2020. 

          Against this backdrop, the Commission hit the ground running in respect of this task, churning out circulars to the field for the submission of the list of eligible staff, for easy collation and conduct of promotion interview.  The interview was eventually conducted between Monday, 22nd March to13th April, 2021, covering the remaining seven departments in the Local Government Service.  Collation of results is still on-going after which promotion letters will be released to successful candidates from the various cadres which make up the seven departments in the 33 LGAs and 35 LCDAs in Oyo State.



During the period under consideration {2011 to 2014}, the Commission granted advancement to 123 deserving officers in the Unified Local Government Service of Oyo State as a way of motivating them for improved productivity.


During the period under reference, the Commission converted 64 officers to Administrative Officer Cadre based on their success in the organised competitive selection processes in form of qualifying Public Service examination and Extended/Commissioners’ Interviews.

In a like manner, qualifying examinations and selection interviews were conducted for eligible officers seeking conversion from the Sub-Professional cadres to the Core Professional cadres, as well as those seeking transfer from one Sub-Professional cadre to the other in the Local Government Service.  It is on records that a total number of six hundred and forty-three (643) officers were converted/upgraded from one cadre/post to another in year 2014.



            However, after another six years of inability to get converted from sub-professional cadres to professional/core professional cadres, it was a huge relief for qualified Local Government personnel when His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde, in his magnanimity approved the lift of ban on conversion for all workers in the state.

          Subsequently, officers interested in moving from their present cadre to another indicated their interest by applying to the Commission.  They were consequently conducted examination for and the  resultsto be released will determine those who will be  invited for the oral interview.

          Below is the list of those who applied for conversion on departmental basis:


  1. List of Officers Seeking Conversion/Upgrading

Department of Education













Arab Educ. Officer



Education Officer



A. I. O







Department of Finance





E. O. Account



Store Officer





Department of Environmental



Environmental H. O. 



Environmental H. T





Department of Budget


Programme Analyst



Planning Officer






Statistical Officer



Data Processing





Department of Agric


Agric Officer



Agric Engineer



Livestock Officer



Animal H. T.



Livestock Supt. Cadre



Agric Superintendent





Department of Admin


E. O. (GD)



Conf. Secretary



Court Register





Department of Works








Building Officer



Land Officer



Estate/Valuation Officer



Q. S.



Technical Cadres



Works Superintendent










In order to ensure the development of all round officers and prevent sit tight syndrome in the Local Government Service, the Commission carried out the posting of officers on Grade Level 07 and above across the 33 Local Governments in the State in year 2012/2013.  This achievement was unprecedented in the history of the Local Government Service as officers who had stayed at a particular station for more than three years were transferred to other neighbouring Local Governments so as to prevent any untoward effect on the families of the affected officers.


In 2014, the Board of the Commission undertook an inspection tour of the 33 Local Governments in the State in order to monitor the general performance of staff and to endear them with the policies and programmes of government with the overall objective of  getting their cooperation and support for the successful execution of  these policies and programmes.


The current substantive Permanent Secretary of the Commission, Mr. Akin Funmilayo, was appointed by His Excellency on Tuesday, 16th July, 2019, after the retirement of the immediate past acting Permanent Secretary, Pastor A. A. Jimoh, who attained the mandatory retirement age of 60 years on 13th July, 2019. Mr. Akin Funmilayo's appointment was however confirmed and he was subsequently sworn in on Thursday, 15th August, 2019, a month after assumption of office. Mr. Akin Funmilayo's confirmation of appointment broke the jinx of acting permanent secretaries (in three successions) at the Commission.

The Commission is equally grateful to His Excellency, Engr. SeyiMakinde, for appointing new Board Members, comprising Dr. RemiAyodele (Chairman), Hon. OyesinaOyedeji (Full Time Commissioner), Hon AkeemTaiwoOke (Full Time Commissioner), Hon. John Adisa-Oke (Member), and Hon. Nike Arewa (Member).

It is worthy of note that the successes recorded by the Commission so far would not have been possible without the moral support of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo State, whose pragmatic approach to the repositioning of the entire Public Service of the State has been responsible for the improved image of the Local Government Service of the State.

Similarly, the wealth of experience of the present Board of the Commission which was made up of seasoned and accomplished administrators in both public and private    set-up has served as impetus to the present efforts of the Commission at placing the Local Government Service on a higher pedestal, while the resuscitation of training and retraining of unified personnel in the Local Government Service, which is one of the core mandates of the Commission, is equally appreciated.  Of utmost importance is the approval granted by His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde, for the construction of a new office complex for both Oyo State Local Government Service Commission and Local Government Staff Pension Board, and its unveiling on Friday, June 5, 2020, which signaled commencement of work on the sight.

Last but not least, the Commission wishes to express its profound gratitude to His Excellency, the Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde for his magnanimity in approving the elevation of the then Chairman of Oyo NLC and HLGA Atiba Local Government, Comrade BayoTitilolaSodo Esq. to the post of pioneer Permanent Secretary, Oyo State Local Government Staff Pension Board. Comrade BayoTitilolaSodo Esq. is the immediate past President of NULGE in the State, a thoroughbred unionist, highly influential labour leader and a cerebral administrator, who has just capped his educational career with a degree in Law. He was subsequently appointed Special Adviser on Labour Matters to the Governor immediately after his retirement as Permanent Secretary.  It was an additional feather to the cap of Oyo State Local Government Workers.

Meanwhile, gratuity of retired primary school teachers, Local Government staff as well as next of kins of deceased, have been collecting gratuity cheques from September, 2019 till date.  So far, six tranches of payments have been made since the inception of Governor Seyi Makinde-led administration: 

(1)      September, 2019, N1.42bn for 881 beneficiaries.

(2)      December, 2019 N1.1bn for 530 beneficiaries

(3)      March, 2020 N1.05bn for 659 beneficiaries

(4)      September, 2020 N1.3bn for 573 beneficiaries

(5)      December, 2020 N1.05 for 400 beneficiaries

(6)      April, 2021 N1.38bn for 456 beneficiaries.

Thus far (six tranches), a sum of N7.30bn has been paid to 3,499 people (both dead and alive).

In a nutshell, the song of local government staff, be it serving or retired, as well as retired Primary School Teachers in the pacesetter state, during the present administration, is “To God be the glory.”


Akin Funmilayo (Mr.)

Permanent Secretary,

Local Government Service Commission.